Project 365 Photo a day 365/21

This morning I was doing a bit of cycling photography and this fellow came riding past.  My first thought was this is my photo of the day….

According to my husband he rides his Diamond Back Mountain Bike  everyday and they see him in regularly on the Bottelary Road and in Stellenbosch.   On his head you will find his pink Swoop cycling helmet. He’s not only very environmentally friendly he is also safety conscious.

He decorated it with South African flags and wait for it he also has a radio somewhere on there.  How do I know that well he was riding to the beat. Between the spokes of his wheels he have three tennis balls and reflectors.He makes sure you see him he’s got lights in front and at the back.

I wonder were his bike took him over the years… Maybe I must wait for him one morning and ask if I can interview him….

Cycling for South Africa
Cycling for South Africa in Black & White

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