Project 365 Photo a day 365/18

This morning when I went to open up the chickens I saw allot of activity going on in trees on the other side of the swimming pool. I had a closer look and saw bees and other insects hard at work gathering food for the winter. I came inside got my camera and went outside again.

My first thought for my photo of the day was the bees gathering nectar for their winter supply. I took some photo’s with my 200mm lens without a tripod. The photo’s came out okay but I was not really happy with the results.  I then remembered that my Sigma  70-300mm lens has a Macro function so I replaced the 18-200mm with my 70-300mm. I got my Takara  Tripod and head outdoors again. While setting up my tripod a yellow and black bug caught my eye and I took the first photo not even zoomed in on it properly. The bug gave me ample opportunity to photograph it. Now I just need to identify the bug…. As soon as I worked through the database of  insects I’ll update the blog with his name..