Project 365 Photo a day 365/17

On today’s photography menu…. Macro photography.

In the past I tried taking Macro photo’s with my Macro filters but wind, flowers and macro photography don’t go hand in hand.  I got so frustrated and in the end I packed away my macro filters. This morning however I had a change of heart and took out my Takara tripod attached my MASSA close up +1,+2 and +4 filters to my Canon 18-200mm lens and head outside to my dad’s garden.

After I got one of his pot plants out of his garden I put it on a table positioned my tripod and camera and guess what happened? Yes you guessed right the wind came up and just as I pressed down my shutter button… The result a nice blur photo. I tried again and again. Later my mom came out to see what I was up to. I told her I am trying to capture my photo of the day but the wind is not making it easy. Then I realized that were mom was standing she was a human shield against the wind and I took my chance and got my photo’s…. Thank you Mom you are and angel.

Macro Photography: Flower of a succulent
Macro Photography: Flower of Succulent
Black & White Macro Photography: Flower of succulent


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