Project 365 Photo a day 365/14

This morning while I was busy posting my inspirational photo for the day my husband phoned me and said if I want to catch a beautiful dawn breaking I must go outside immediately.

Well I was still in my PJ’s but what the hell I grabbed my camera , called Lian (who grabbed the other camera) and head outdoors.  When we got outside I could see it but the houses are in the way so we walked to the end of our Cul de Sac…. Yes barefoot and in my PJ’s what a girl will do for a WOW photo… But unfortunately the houses were still in the way and the photo opportunity disappeared…. We were too late. Disappointed we turned around and there I saw this lovely marshmallow cloud and the Pigeons  sitting in the tree waiting for my dad to feed them.

Marshmallow clouds.
Pigeons waiting in the tree.

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