Mom I also want to be a photographer.

Lian took his first photo’s when he was only 3 years old. We were not like other parents that forbid their children to touch their camera because it can break…. We just showed them how to hold it properly and told them not to run and off they went.

Both our boys loved taking photo’s and we had to time them so that both of them get equal time with the camera. I asked hubby to go through all our archive cd’s to find Lian’s first photo’s that he took. Lian love taking photo’s of animals and people and Armand on the other hand loved taking photo’s of objects and still do.Here’s a  few collages.

My fist photo's
Some more....
Loved the kittens
Some portraits my way

About a year back Lian told me that one day he is going to take over the photography business here and then I can travel the world and take photo’s.  This morning he told me he is starting his own photography business. He even got his own business name Lian Kunh se fotografie. LOL I had to laugh but he misspelled his surname. Well who am I to say it’s wrong it’s his business name. All he needs is business cards I was told .  He also told me that when I have photo shoots he must go with because he must practice to take perfect photo’s. Then I must teach him how to edit his own photo’s. Oh yes something else,  I must pay him because he must save up for his own camera.

I just smiled.  Lian is a fast learner and I think if it lasts he will be a great photographer one day. He is only 10 and he will still change his mind a thousand times. But for the time being he wants to be a photographer so I will support him and teach him what he needs to know.

Mom said practice, practice everyday...


Looking to see if photo's will meet mom's high standards.
I even have a name for my photography business. Oeps! I misspelled my surname...


Who knows in 10 years time Lian might be by my side and if we are lucky Armand who also has a very good eye for composition will join us. For now Armand wants to design weapons and I will support him all the way. . .

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