Project 365 Photo a day 365/10

Today I am introducing Buddy our Long legged Foxterrier.

We originally got Buddy for my mom when he was still a puppy,but the first evening I looked into his little eyes I fell in love with him. So the next day Ronald went and got my Mom another one. She called her Foxterrier  Arnie. But we will talk about him at a later time.

Buddy is very playful and like every Foxterrier protects his home when he needs too. He is very clever and knows that when I go outside he get’s a treat.  Today he got an extra treat for being such a cute model.

He also talks to me through the studio window and when I have a photo shoot with little children I have to close the curtains. All the little ones go to the window too look at him. Only when I am finished photographing the little ones then I open the curtains.

Buddy my Foxterrier.
Buddy waiting patiently for his treat.

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