Project 365 Photo a day: 365/3

Hi there,

Today I am introducing you to two members of my family. Armand my 11  year old boy and his cat/baby Ogies.

Armand is a introvert and it takes him a while to warm up to people. He loves playing cricket, computer games and whatever other gadgets there are to play games on.  Then what allot of children don’t do anymore he loves playing with his lego and little figurines. Normally over weekends and school holidays my studio floor is full of little figurines and Lego. He always ask  if I have a photo shoot and if he can play there before he start packing out his toys. I don’t mind at all I love watching him play.

Ogies his cat is always nearby. I must laugh but it is so cute when he puts his little figurines in a line and then she decides she’s going to play to.You just see toys scatter all over the place and all that Armand says is “Ai Nuksie” then he starts putting everything back where it belongs.  He also love to do his homework on the studio floor. Ogies will sit next to him and when he is reading she will start licking his hair.  Armand can carry Ogies any way he wants to she just go with the flow.

The first thing that Armand does when he gets home from school is go looking for Ogies and when he can’t find her he gets upset. Ogies mother Ounooi also his cat disappeared a few years back. He still talks about Ounooi allot. There Armand is like his mother always clinging to the memories of those we loved…. Ogies on the other hand sometimes drives me insane…. One morning Armand did not say good bye to her before he went to school she sat in the passage and called him. She  went to his room, the kitchen, the garage back to his room and miaau.  In the beginning I thought she was hungry gave her food, water and a treat then only did I realize that Armand left home in a hurry that morning. The last thing Armand does before he goes to sleep is kissing his “baby” good night.

I think it is very important for a child to have a pet. It learns them responsibility and how to love.

Armand and his cat Ogies
Armand just love his cat Ogies to bits.

Tomorrow I’ll introduce Lian and his dog Tekkies…