Project 365 Photo a day: 365/1

Hi there,

The day that I upgraded from my Canon 500D(my old boyfriend) to my Canon 7D (my new boyfriend) I decided that from 1 April 2012 I am going to start my 365 photo a day project.

Because  I must always be different  I am going to post a color photo and a black and white photo every day.  I will be taking photo’s of what ever I fancy from toy’s to my favorite shot of the day at a photo shoot. By this I don’t only get the practice every photographer need I also get to know my new “boyfriend” and what he can offer me…

If for what ever reason I don’t get the time to take a new photo everyday I will post one of my favorite photo’s edited that day. Hope you enjoy the photo’s and my journey with my new “boyfriend”….

Let’s kick my project off with a gift my husband bought me. I love frogs and my bathroom is decorated with some cute ones that I will share with you all through my project. The rock that Mr Frog is sitting on came all the way back home from Lake Arthur were I had my first introduction to fishing with my Grandfather when I was still very little…

Mr Frog was a gift from Hubby and the rock came all the way from Lake Arthur near Cradock
Mr Frog just to happy to be outdoors.

Till tomorrow then….

PSSSST…. I also have another project running called My photo’s everyone’s words were I will post some of my old and new photo’s with inspirational quotes on it once a week.