Photography Breakaway August 2011: Part 3 of 5

When I think of Brittania Bay the first word that pop’s up in my head is Bokkomlaan.

To some people  it might only look like a dirt road with small Bokkom factories, an Art studio and a Restaurant on the one side and The Berg River with all it’s bird life, fishing boats and jetties  on the other side. But to me visiting Bokkomlaan is a tradition.  Whenever I visit Jackie you can make a safe bet that we will go to the river even if we only drove past it on our way to visit Jackie’s Mom and Dad.

One visit to Bokkomlaan will always be stuck in my mind.  In 2008 I was house sitting for Jackie’s Parents  in Velddrif  and they stay just around the corner from Bokkomlaan.  Jackie, Steven, Charlie and I went to the river to celebrate Jackie’s birthday. LOL it was so funny we were all standing with our camera’s aimed on the river when I looked to the side I saw that  the camera lenses was also from long to short. LOL mine was the shortest I only had a little Pentax “mik and druk”.  I had to go search for these photo’s got it on one of my back up cd’s. Please keep in mind this was taken with a little Pentax camera and are not edited. I just made an collage out of them. Also at that time I was only dreaming  of  becoming a photographer….. Today I still have the shortest lens but I am living my dream and loving every second of it.

October 2008

WOW that took me way way back. Let’s fast forward back to 16 August 2011.

Because we had so much editing to do we decided that we are going to do Bokkomlaan in the morning and the afternoon we did the Raptor run and some Landscape photo’s from Britannica Heights.

We left around 10 O’Clock  and when we got to the river the Pelicans were by the side of the road.  The pelicans were so tame and we got some lovely photo’s of them.  The factories usually throw out some fish in the river but they were busy stringing bokkoms and left the pelicans waiting for food. Jackie then asked one of the workers if we could buy some fish from them to feed the Pelicans. The man was kind enough to throw the fish to the pelicans while Jackie and I was clicking away.  This was the closest I ever came to Pelicans. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be so close to nature every day and get paid to do it….  Well a girl may dream nothing wrong with that.

Here are some photo’s I took at Bokkomlaan that morning.

The Hopefield Road is one of the back roads you can take from Hopefield to Velddrif.  There are usually allot of Raptors and bird life on this piece of road and that is why we call it the Raptor Run. On this stretch of road is were Jackie first showed me the ropes on capturing Birds in flight. Over the years I got my share of lucky shots. That day was no different. There was a Jackal Buzzard sitting on a pole just as you reached the top of the bridge.  Jackie stopped and I took some photo’s. Normally they fly away when you stop but not this one it just sat there and I was so wishing to get him in flight. After a few minutes it took off and luckily I was ready.

Later that evening we took Jessie ( Jackie’s four legged child) for a drive up to Britannica Hights.

Thank you for stopping by. Please hang around for part 4 of 5.

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