My photography Break away August 2011: Part 2 of 5

Normally West Coast fever sets in on the second day of my stay in Brittania Bay and I sleep till about 9 o’clock.  However on 15 August 2011 I could not get out of bed early enough. I was awake form around 5 o’clock that morning.  I checked my camera equipment, made sure all my batteries were fully charged and all my memory cards  were clean. The reason for my excitement was Jackie and I were going to Postberg in the West Coast National park.

When Jackie woke up I was already dressed and ready for action. Ha ha but first we had to have a cup of tea and eat some breakfast. We left around 9 o’clock but had to make 2 stops on our way to the park. First we had to fill up the car and then we had to stop at the shop to fill up on energy bars, cooldrink, chips and whatever one needs to fuel your body.

Let me tell you a little about Postberg. Postberg is a privately owned Nature Reserve within the West Coast National Park. The park is usually closed to the public, but for a few weeks in August and September they open the gates and share the spectacular wall to wall carpet  of  flowers with the public.  But flowers are not the only attraction there are  antelope grazing between the flowers, Zebras, Ostriches,  tortoises, birds the list just go on and on. I also read on one of the many pages about Postberg that one can do whale watching also.

Jackie and I headed straight for Postberg and when we got there we were not disappointed. Flowers everywhere and in the distance there was Springbokkies grazing. I tried to take a photo but my 200mm just were not up to it. Jackie took some photo’s with her 500mm it came out great. We totally got lost in the carpet of flowers. Stopping regularly to take some photo’s. It was awesome and one could only thank our Heavenly Farther for such a spectacular picture.  We saw some Blesbok, Sprinbok and Eland. I also captured two little foxes without even realizing it.

While we were driving we spotted a turtle on its back. Jackie stopped and I got out to help the little tortoise back on it’s four paws.  I walked back to the car and when I looked back again it was gone…. My good deed for the day.

After our visit to Postberg we visited Abraham’s kraal Bird hide and of course a visit to Geelbek for some lovely Cake and tea.

Jackie’s camera’s battery died on her while photographing birds at the Abraham’s Kraal Bird hide. I saw the opportunity to take her 500mm for a test drive.  Hie Hie I got some great shots. But at this stage I will not invest in a 500mm yet. In the future yes. But for now I would like to build on my portrait photography kit.

I enjoyed my visit to Postberg allot and if I am able to do it this year again I would do it. This time I want to take the family out for the day.  It’s only a 90 minute drive from our home.

Here are some of the photo’s I took at Postberg and at the Bird hides.


Thank you for your time. Look out for part 3 of my Photography Break away.


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