New year, New beginnings…

Hi there,
First of all.  A Happy New Year to everyone reading this blog. A big thank you to all of my family, friends and clients for all your support during 2011. 
WOW I just can not believe my good fortune. Our Heavenly Farther really blessed me in 2011.  I met and photographed 50 families, did 3 Maternity shoots, 21 Baby and toddler shoots, 13 Junior Portrait shoots, 2 Christenings, 4 Birthday’s, 7 Matric Farewell shoots, 1 Big Christmas Shoot, 2 Weddings, a Golf day, a Morning  Tea,  Mnr & Mej Varinkie & Varingfees, Sport event’s and also 2 charity events.
When my husband Ronald bought me my camera I don’t think the intention was for me to change my career so drastically. From Tax Consultant to Photographer. But I always loved taking photo’s and when we were on holiday or even just at home my little Kodak was always nearby to capture the boy’s.
I’ll never forget the day when Ronald told me I must  choose a camera. My heart longed for the Canon 500D but I looked at cheaper options. Then he told me he is only buying once. Needless to say I came home with my 500D. I was in 7th heaven as a matter of fact I don’t think I ever came down to earth from that day on. I got my camera on Friday 25 June 2009 and on Saturday 26 June 2009 I did my first event. Sing for Africa in conjunction with Ratanga Junction gave the children form the Bottelary  farms  an outing and day to remember. I took my camera with and captured the day.  I then started to photograph family and friends still not really thinking of photography as a career change I just did it because I loved it (STILL DO).
 Jackie my best friend who also started out as a Bookkeeping client was even happier  for me when she heard the fantastic news about my camera.  I started out using the settings on the camera but when I visited Jackie again for a working breakaway weekend ( Haha that sounds funny) she opened up a whole new world to me.  She gave me a crash course in how to use my camera.  She took me to the river in Veldrif to take some photo’s and to practice. Since then I only used the pre programmed settings on my camera when I do sport photo’s.  
In October 2009 friends of ours got married and I took my camera with. The photo’s came out stunning.  Only then did I begin thinking maybe I must go professional, but I thought you must go on a course to be professional.  At that stage a course was not an option we were broke and I had to find another way. I went and Google  photography and what did I find an online Photography School for free. Yes FREE no fees. I studied every evening and then the next day I’ll practice. I must be honest I still go online and refresh my memory every now and then. I always look at other photographers websites looking for fresh ideas to jazz up my photography. 
My husband’s nephew got married in December 2009 and they asked me if I would like to do their wedding.  This was not an unusual request. In the past Ronald and I took the wedding photo’s at his  2 niece’s and nephew’s wedding. We also took his brothers photo’s. The only BIG difference this time I will be doing the all the capturing with my own camera. In the past we usually borrowed one of our photographer friends camera’s and I only took photo’s of the bride as she got dressed. The rest Ronald captured I just positioned the bride and groom. Hubby and I make a mean team. All the photo’s came out stunning but wow the stress. Back then it was film camera’s not Digital like now.  About two weeks before the Big wedding I started doubting myself. I was afraid all the photo’s will be over exposed. Then on the photography schools site their Jurgen’s name appeared. I took a chance and joined one of his photography meetings.  He told me all about RAW and since then I hardly take photo’s in Jpg. I was so stressed out over the wedding that the night before I emailed him and ask him for advice.  He told me to relax and shoot in RAW. The photo’s came out great and all the stress was for nothing.
In January 2010 Jackie designed my website and business cards for me and I started doing photography semi professional. Why semi professional you are asking?  Well they say you are only professional when you charge for your services. I did not charge for my services only the printing of the photo’s. Everyone said I am mad but I just felt I am trying to get my name out there and till I am not 100% convinced that my photo’s are good enough only then will I start charging for a photo shoot.   I think I was more afraid that I will not be good enough to compete with the photographers out there. Everyone else believed in me and then in November 2010 I  decided that I’ll give it a go and gave  15 gift vouchers to  the Varingfees for the photo competition and I took the photo’s at the Mnr & Mej Varinkie. I never looked back since then….
When I started reading about photography I was a bit shaken when I read  that the first 5 years of a photographers career will make or break him or her. In the end only about 30% will stick to it. They said don’t expect any wedding’s or allot of work.  Well my first year of photography was mainly sport photo’s.  In my second year it was made up of Family shoots, Portrait shoots, Maternity shoots, Matric Farewell shoots, Birthdays, Christenings , functions, a Golf day and wait for it 2 weddings. What will my third year hold in for me?  
My wish for my third year is to keep on enjoying my work, capture more lovely families, babies and mommies to be. I also wish for one or two wedding.
Thank you for your time and support.

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  1. Just for fun I decided to read the “first posts” of some of my regular blogger friends. I was starting to blog then (January 2012) myself. I see an earlier series from August 2011, I’ll take a look at that too.

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